Accepted Papers

Topic A : Awareness Science

03. An ArUco-based Grasping Point Detection System

22. Predicting Depression on Twitter with Word Embedding by Pretrained Language Model

63. Modeling of Diode Sensing Devices Based on Physical Mechanism and Machine Learning

64. Spinperform – A Cricket Spin Bowling Performance Analysis Model

73. Sinhala sign language translator for facilitating communication between hearing and non-hearing individuals.

29. Smart Footwear Type Detection for Automatic Venue Entry Approval

54. Towards a Smart Home : Environment Monitoring and Intelligent Anti-Theft Alarming

61. Addressing Weight Competition in Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks for Improving Temperature Prediction

Topic B : Awareness Technology

06. Toxicity and Sentiment Analysis About Digital Bounty on Social Media

24. Effectively Reduce the Number of EEG Channels by Deleting Nonessential Channels

87. SME Business Sustainability Model: Efforts to Reduce the Critical Dilemma of Creative SMEs Post Covid-19 Pandemic

97. A Systematic Review of Facial Micro-Expression Recognition

Topic C : Awareness Related Applications

15. Factors Influencing Consumers’ Continued Purchase Intention of Health Foods through Live-Streaming Shopping: An Extension of the Value Model for Price Discounts

23. Parent-Child Screen Co-Engagement Behavior in the Age of Distractions

25. Classification ChatGPT Generated News and True News Using Support Vector Machines

27. Constructing Depression Prediction Model using ChatGPT and Machine Learning Algorithms

28. Investigating Factors Influencing the Retention Intention of Digital Companion for Learning Project: Case of a Technology University in Taiwan

31. A Revised Spatial CNN Steganalysis Scheme Based on Yedroudj-Net

53. Identifying Crucial Factors for E-students’ Satisfaction in Vietnamese Emengency Remote Learning Using Machine Learning Methods

55. The Optimal PID Gains by Particle Swarm Optimization Method with Integral Nonlinear Programming for a Mobile Robot

57. Explore the Important of E-learning system Quality

58. IoMT Real-Time Health Monitoring System

60. Predictive Modeling of Metal Oxide Semiconductor with Nanoparticle-Enhanced Ammonia Gas Sensor

80. Internet-of-Things: Role of 5G Wireless Communications

81. Low Light Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Linear Fusion with an Optimized Weight

84. A Cricket Follow-Through Skill Analysis Model

88. Readiness for Change and Dynamic Capability in Enhancing Firm Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of Post-Merger BPR in West Java

91. The Influences of Entertainment & Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Brand Image: The Mediating Consumer Brand Engagement

Topic D : The others

02. Swarm of Mechanical Arm UAVs with Deep Learning Tracker

04. The Application of topology in 3D Modeling - Using ZBrush as an Example

16. Road Traffic Accident Pattern Analysis with Data Mining

52. Trade-off Between Execution Time and Memory Consumption in Fuzzy Average-Utility Mining

SS1-Using Deep Learning for Various Data Sources in Smart Applications

07. A Dynamic Spatio-temporal Graph Convolutional Network with Self-attention for Multi-station Passenger Flow Prediction

08. AleRes-Net: A deep learning model for detecting corn leaf diseases

09. Contrast Stretching For Automatic Road Marking Detection at Night With YOLOv5

14. Automatic Hand Recognition Using Deep Learning and YOLOv8

47. Facial Expression Segmentation Labeling and Modeling Using Movement Analysis

65. Building Footprint Extraction in Dense Areas using Super Resolution and Frame Field Learning

71. The periodic product recommendation system based on deep reinforcement learning and the multi-objective framework

94. Application of Generative Adversarial Networks in Color Art Image Shadow Generation

SS2-Deep Learning Technology for Biomedical Signals and Images Applications

12. Two-Dimension Convolutional Neural Network-Based Identification of Vascular Access Stenosis with Phonoangiogram

17. Using Deep Learning for Signal Quality Classification of Ballistocardiogram and Impedance Plethysmogram

18. Sex Difference in Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence After Catheter Ablation

20. Human Activity Recognition in Free Living Using a Wearable Sensor: A Two-Stage Approach

21. Evaluation of Meteorological Factors’ Effect on Daily Heart Rate Variability Over Five Years

32. Approximation of Hodgkin-Huxley Model Using Neural Networks

49. Semi-supervised Contrast Learning in Renal Pathological Image Classification

50. Performance and Domain Adaptability of Object Detection Algorithms in Processed Colonoscopy Videos

51. Automatic Edge Detection in Echocardiographic Doppler Images Using an Improved Canny Algorithm

67. CM-SVS: Cross-Model SVR Model for Early Detecting Sarcopenia

68. DDA-SVM: A Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment SVM Model for Electronic Cognitive Training Games

69. Road Safety Assistive Wearable Device based on Edge Computing

70. HICAS: Hearing Impairment Communication Assistive System with the Extraction Search Network

76. Deep learning for identification of velopharyngeal patency in drug-induced sleep endoscopy

89. A Human-Computer Collaborative Sleep Scoring System for Clinical Needs

90. Severity Assessment of Patients with Speech Disorder Using Machine Learning

SS3-Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for a Sustainable Future

30. Using Deep Learning to Estimate Coastline Changes in Taiwan

77. Intelligent Household Peritoneal Dialysis System

99. The Potential and Applications of Utilizing the ChatGPT Model for Comparative Analysis of Carbon Emission Calculation Formulas in Public Transportation

100. Application of Cuckoo Search Algorithm to Path Planning Problem of Automatic Navigation Parking Spaces in Parking Lots

105. The Mushroom Sorting and Picking System Based on the Analysis of Stereo Vision>

SS4-Applications of Artificial Intelligent Networks and Communication Systems (AAINCS)

78. A K-NN based Area Positioning System in Wireless Sensor Networks

83. Research on Potholes Detection Based on Improved Mask RCNN Algorithms

85. Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Rate of a Non-Stationary Human Using UltraWideband Radars

92. Development of Brain MRI Image Segmentation Methods Based on Computer Vision and Deep Learning

93. Scientometric Analysis for Access Control in the Social Robots Era

SS5-knowledge engineering & AI applicaiton

05. Serious games applied to the study of the “Substance Structure and Atom” units in chemistry

11. Assessing SQL Programming Language Learning Effectiveness with Peer Assessment Annotation Tool

13. Compact Convolutional Transformer based on Sharpness-Aware Minimization for Image Classification

62. Application of the image detection technology on dairy goat management

74. Real-time Human Movement Recognition and Interaction in Virtual Fitness using Image Recognition and Motion Analysis

96. Secrecy Rate Analysis for the Cooperative Communications

98. Harnessing AI for Scientific Illustration: Exploring Tornado Dynamics Through Midjourney

103. Enhancing Online Learning Monitoring with Novel Image Recognition Method Using Dlib for Eye Feature Detection>

SS6-Artificial Intelligent Enabled Communication Systems

56. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for a Multichannel Uplink Random Access: Congestion Game Perspective

59. Millimeter-wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide Band-pass Filter Based Filtering Magneto Electric Dipole Antenna

75. Deep Q-Learning based online beam tracking for multi-user hybrid beamforming systems

86. Optimizing Random Access in 5G Networks: A Bayesian Approach for Dual RAPs>

SS7-Advanced Machine Learning and Applications

48. Markerless Cat Life Logging System Using Skeleton Data and ST-GCN Method

66. Program Repair with Minimal Edits Using CodeT5

72. Optimal Channel Selection for EEG Based Enhanced Brain Robot Interface for Autonomous Wheelchair

82. Using Large Language Models for Bug Localization and Fixing