Conference Program


Topic C I : Awareness Related Application

Session Chair: Somya Dineshchandra Agrawal
Time: Nov. 09, 12:50~14:20
Room: V-308 (3F)
A1-3. An ArUco-based Grasping Point Detection System
A1-4. The Application of topology in 3D Modeling - Using ZBrush as an Example
A1-29. Smart Footwear Type Detection for Automatic Venue Entry Approval
A1-53. Identifying Crucial Factors for E-students’ Satisfaction in Vietnamese Emengency Remote Learning Using Machine Learning Methods
A1-81. Low Light Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Linear Fusion with an Optimized Weight


SS3: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for a Sustainable Future

Session Chair: Yu-Huei Cheng
Time: Nov. 09, 12:50~14:20
Room: V-307 (3F)
B1-30. Using Deep Learning to Estimate Coastline Changes in Taiwan
B1-77. Intelligent Household Peritoneal Dialysis System
B1-99. The Potential and Applications of Utilizing the ChatGPT Model for Comparative Analysis of Carbon Emission Calculation Formulas in Public Transportation
B1-100. Application of Cuckoo Search Algorithm to Path Planning Problem of Automatic Navigation Parking Spaces in Parking Lots
B1-105. The Mushroom Sorting System Based on the Analysis of Stereo Vision


SS4: Applications of Artificial Intelligent Networks and Communication Systems (AAINCS)

Session Chair: Chuan-Bi Lin
Time: Nov. 09, 12:50~14:20
Room: V-304 (3F)
C1-78. A K-NN based Area Positioning System in Wireless Sensor Networks
C1-83. Research on Potholes Detection Based on Improved Mask RCNN Algorithms
C1-85. Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Rate of a Non-Stationary Human Using UltraWideband Radars
C1-92. Development of Brain MRI Image Segmentation Methods Based on Computer Vision and Deep Learning
C1-93. Scientometric Analysis for Access Control in the Social Robots Era


國科會學門成果發表 I

Session Chair: Hung-Yi Chen
Time: Nov. 09, 14:30~15:30
Room: V-308 (3F)


SS1: Using Deep Learning for Various Data Sources in Smart Applications

Session Chair: Sub-r-pa, Chayanon
Time: Nov. 09, 14:30~15:30
Room: V-307 (3F)
B2-109. A Dynamic Spatio-temporal Network with Self-attention for Multi-station Passenger Flow Prediction
B2-8. AleRes-Net: A deep learning model for detecting corn leaf diseases
B2-47. Facial Expression Segmentation Labeling and Modeling Using Movement Analysis
B2-94. Application of Generative Adversarial Networks in Color Art Image Shadow Generation


SS5: Knowledge Engineering & AI Application (KEAIA)

Session Chair: Goutam Chakraborty、Jong-Shin Chen
Time: Nov. 09, 14:30~15:30
Room: V-304 (3F)
C2-11. Assessing SQL Programming Language Learning Effectiveness with Peer Assessment Annotation Tool
C2-96. Secrecy Rate Analysis for the Cooperative Communications


國科會學門成果發表 II

Session Chair:
Time: Nov. 09, 15:40~16:40
Room: V-308 (3F)


SS1: Using Deep Learning for Various Data Sources in Smart Applications

Session Chair: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh
Time: Nov. 09, 15:40~16:40
Room: V-307 (3F)
B3-9. Nighttime Road Ground Sign Detection Using YOLOv5 and Contrast Stretching
B3-14. Automatic Hand Recognition Using Deep Learning and YOLOv8
B3-65. Building Footprint Extraction in Dense Areas using Super Resolution and Frame Field Learning
B3-71. The periodic product recommendation system based on deep reinforcement learning and the multi-objective framework


SS5: Knowledge Engineering & AI Application (KEAIA)

Session Chair: Lily Li-Hua Li
Time: Nov. 09, 15:40~16:40
Room: V-304 (3F)
C3-5. Serious games applied to the study of the “Substance Structure and Atom” units in chemistry
C3-13. Compact Convolutional Transformer based on Sharpness-Aware Minimization for Image Classification
C3-98. Harnessing AI for Scientific Illustration: Exploring Tornado Dynamics Through Midjourney


SS2: Deep Learning Technology for Biomedical Signals and Images Applications

Session Chair: I-Fang Chung
Time: Nov. 10, 12:50~13:50
Room: V-308 (3F)
A4-17. Using Deep Learning for Signal Quality Classification of Ballistocardiogram and Impedance Plethysmogram
A4-20. Human Activity Recognition in Free Living Using a Wearable Sensor: A Two-Stage Approach
A4-21. Evaluation of Meteorological Factors’ Effect on Daily Heart Rate Variability Over Five Years
A4-76. Deep learning for identification of velopharyngeal patency in drug-induced sleep endoscopy


SS6: Artificial Intelligent Enabled Communication Systems

Session Chair: Joohyun Lee
Time: Nov. 10, 12:50~13:50
Room: V-307 (3F)
B4-56. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for a Multichannel Uplink Random Access: Congestion Game Perspective
B4-59. Millimeter-wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide Band-pass Filter Based Filtering Magneto Electric Dipole Antenna
B4-107. Deep Q-Learning Based Online Beam Tracking for Hybrid Beamforming Systems
B4-86. Optimizing Random Access Procedure to Support Massive and Delay-Critical MTCs


SS7: Advanced Machine Learning and Applications

Session Chair: Trang Huynh
Time: Nov. 10, 12:50~13:50
Room: V-304 (3F)
C4-48. Markerless Cat Life Logging System Using Skeleton Data and ST-GCN Method
C4-66. Program Repair with Minimal Edits Using CodeT5
C4-72. Optimal Channel Selection for EEG Based Enhanced Brain Robot Interface for Autonomous Wheelchair
C4-82. Using Large Language Models for Bug Localization and Fixing


SS2: Deep Learning Technology for Biomedical Signals and Images Applications

Session Chair: Chiun-Li Chin
Time: Nov. 10, 14:00~15:30
Room: V-308 (3F)
A5-49. Semi-supervised Contrast Learning in Renal Pathological Image Classification
A5-50. Performance and Domain Adaptability of Object Detection Algorithms in Processed Colonoscopy Videos
A5-51. Automatic Edge Detection in Echocardiographic Doppler Images Using an Improved Canny Algorithm
A5-67. CM-SVS: Cross-Model SVR Model for Early Detecting Sarcopenia
A5-68. DDA-SVM: A Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment SVM Model for Electronic Cognitive Training Games
A5-69. Road Safety Assistive Wearable Device based on Edge Computing


Topic C II: Awareness Related Application

Session Chair: Venkateswarlu Nalluri
Time: Nov. 10, 14:00~15:30
Room: V-307 (3F)
B5-15. Factors Influencing Consumers’ Continued Purchase Intention of Health Foods through Live-Streaming Shopping: An Extension of the Value Model for Price Discounts
B5-16. Road Traffic Accident Pattern Analysis with Data Mining
B5-25. Classification ChatGPT Generated News and True News Using Support Vector Machines
B5-27. Constructing Depression Prediction Model using ChatGPT and Machine Learning Algorithms
B5-31. A Revised Spatial CNN Steganalysis Scheme Based on Yedroudj-Net
B5-84. A Cricket Follow-Through Skill Analysis Model


Topic A: Awareness Science

Session Chair: Lin-huang Chang
Time: Nov. 10, 14:00~15:30
Room: V-304 (3F)
C5-74. Real-time Human Movement Recognition and Interaction in Virtual Fitness using Image Recognition and Motion Analysis
C5-22. Predicting Depression on Twitter with Word Embedding by Pretrained Language Model
C5-108. Towards a Smart Home : An Intelligent Approach to Environment Monitoring and Anti-Theft Alarming
C5-110. Rapid Construction of Diode Models Based on Physical Mechanism and Machine Learning
C5-64. Sepinprform – A Cricket Spin Bowling Performance Analysis Model
C5-58. IoMT Real-Time Health Monitoring System


SS2: Deep Learning Technology for Biomedical Signals and Images Applications

Session Chair: Xin Zhu
Time: Nov. 10, 15:40~17:10
Room: V-308 (3F)
A6-12. Two-Dimension Convolutional Neural Network-Based Identification of Vascular Access Stenosis with Phonoangiogram
A6-18. Sex Difference in Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence After Catheter Ablation
A6-32. Approximation of Hodgkin-Huxley Model Using Neural Networks
A6-70. HICAS: Hearing Impairment Communication Assistive System with the Extraction Search Network
A6-89. A Human-Computer Collaborative Sleep Scoring System for Clinical Needs
A6-90. Severity Assessment of Patients with Speech Disorder Using Machine Learning


Topic C Ⅲ: Awareness Related Application

Session Chair: Ben-Jye Chang
Time: Nov. 10, 15:40~17:10
Room: V-307 (3F)
B6-6. Toxicity and Sentiment Analysis About Digital Bounty on Social Media
B6-24. Effectively Reduce the Number of EEG Channels by Deleting Nonessential Channels
B6-52. Trade-off Between Execution Time and Memory Consumption in Fuzzy Average-Utility Mining
B6-61. Addressing Weight Competition in Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks for Improving Temperature Prediction
B6-97. A Systematic Review of Facial Micro-Expression Recognition


Topic B: Awareness Technology

Session Chair: Jen-Yung Lin
Time: Nov. 10, 15:40~17:10
Room: V-304 (3F)
C6-23. Parent-Child Screen Co-Engagement Behavior in the Age of Distractions
C6-28. Investigating Factors Influencing the Retention Intention of Digital Companion for Learning Project: Case of a Technology University in Taiwan
C6-111. An Advanced Predictive Algorithm for Nanoparticle-Modified Resistive Ammonia Gas Sensor
C6-62. Application of the image detection technology on dairy goat management
C6-80. Internet-of-Things: Role of 5G Wireless Communications
C6-103. Enhancing Online Learning Monitoring with Novel Image Recognition Method Using Dlib for Eye Feature Detection