Panel Discussion


Prof. Goutam Chakraborty (Iwate Prefectural U., Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, India)

Discussion Topic:

In this panel discussion, we will delve deep into the risks, responsibilities, and regulatory frameworks surrounding generative AI models. Initially, we will explore the potential threats to information security and the spread of disinformation through deepfakes that these modelscan engender. Following this, we will scrutinize the responsibilities that both developers and users hold in ensuring the safe and ethical deployment and use of AI technologies. Lastly, we will survey the existing regulatory landscape influencing generative AI models, discussing potential new regulations that could better safeguard individual privacy and intellectual property rights. The goal is to forge a pathway towards leveraging the benefits of AI technology while mitigating its potential harms.

Panel list:

Date / Time / Place:

Nov.10 / 10:00~11:00 / International Conference Hall